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Terms and Conditions

The given “Terms and conditions” describes your use of PestVeda website or application, including any content used from or through this website, including any subdomains or application. The website is made available by ‘us’ and any changes can be made in the Terms and Conditions from time to time without any prior notice, by posting changes on the Website. BY USING PESTVEDA, YOU AGREE TO ACCEPT THE GIVEN TERMS AND CONDITIONS AS APPLIED TO YOUR USE OF THE WEBSITE. In case you are not agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you may not access or use the Web Site.


The information available on the websites is compiled with great care and attention and maintained up to date, but PestVeda does not provide any guarantee information available on the website is correct and/or complete.PestVeda does not take any kind of liability for any consequences, such as damage or loss in any manner, using, relying on taking actions based on the information on PestVeda website.

Permitted Users

PestVeda requests its users to print topic reviews and graphics for clinical, educational, personal, or research use. The material should be printed directly from the PestVeda so that the copyright statement is visible and must be given free of cost. The user may email individual topic reviews and graphics as per the accord with the website's purpose.PestVeda reserves the right to limit or bar your use of the PestVeda website without any prior notice if it believes you have committed a breach of security or violated these Terms of Using the website. PestVeda reserves all its rights on PestVeda website not clearly granted to you by these Terms of Use.

Limitation of Liability

Pest control is a crucial task and there are few things that should be followed in order to get pest control services in the most effective ways. You have to follow the guidelines, issued by the team Pestvead to prevent any kind of the consequences or side-effects of our pest control services. If you fail to follow the our guidelines, then Pestveda will not be held responsible for any of the consequences, whatsoever. We suggest our clients to leave their premises for two hours after we finish pest control task, that may include the spreading of some chemicals not suitable for your health. In that case, you have to follow our guidelines strictly. In case of the failure, you may have to face its severe consequences. We will not be held responsible for any kind of side-effect or not liable for any kind of refund or anything.

No Unlawful Use

You are in a pact with not using PestVeda for any purpose which is unlawful or violating the terms of use. You may not use the website in any manner that may cause the damage, could disable, overburden, or impair any PestVeda servers. Gaining unauthorized access to any portion of the website, other accounts, systems or networks connected to the PestVeda server through unethical practices like hacking, password or data mining, or by any other means. You may not attempt to get a piece of the information provided on the website.


We honor the intellectual property right of the others, and expect the same from the others who use PestVeda or the programs, texts, products, processes, technology, content or other materials made available through this website and you may not reproduce any of them. If you think that any of your work has been copied that may constitute violation of the copyright, you may send a notification of the infringement of the copyright to the which should include the following points-