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Beetle Pest Control

Carpet beetles occur naturally and enter your premises through the from improperly screened doors and windows. There are a wide variety of the beetles that can damage wool and other fabrics. Being an industry leader, we bestow our clients with the most effective solutions to eliminate beetles from residents and commercial sites. Backed by an extensive industrial experience, we render our services in the most efficient manner. Our carpet control services are highly acclaimed among our valued clients. The first-grade chemicals that we use, ensures the effective treatment of the impaired area.

How we work?

Our adept team of professionals first identifies the problem and then find the source. After finding the source, we apply the best suitable method like vacuum suction, applying insecticides or others depending upon the situation. For outdoor treatment, we spread the insecticides around your home premises to restrict their entry.

Mupli Beetle Control
Carpet Beetle Control


  • Long durable extermination of the carpet beetles
  • No more damage to the clothings and furnishings
  • Control over a wide range of damages caused by the carpet beetles
  • Reduced risk of the bumpy, itchy rashes caused due the carpet beetle bite

Environment Friendly Pesticides To Prevent Any Adverse Impact On The Nature