Payment Policy

Payment Policy Pestveda

Pestveda believes that customer satisfaction is the priority in the business. Customers are allowed to cancel or reschedule the pest control service appointment. Therefore, we created a cancellation and refund policy. Here are some of the main highlights of pricing information given below:

Service Cancellation Policy

When you book our service request, our exterminators initiated the activities regarding the pest control at your place/site as soon as they get approval from us. Once service is confirmed, it cannot be canceled since we can’t forfeit the expenses of our production.

However, you can cancel or reschedule a service for another date within 24hrs of scheduled service date/time for the full refund.

Refund Policy

Customers are not entitled to any refund partly or full once the service is delivered. Nevertheless, if you are not satisfied with our services – you have a complaint or you feel that you are still facing the same issue which was before the service, we can perform the service again without any further charges.