PestVedaA food and beverage processing unit requires extensive care due to its high risk of contamination when expose to unfavorable environment. Pest infestation on the premises of processing plant can affect the food products in various ways. It can cause severe damage to the business by forcing the company to spend a huge amount of cash on damage recovery process. Besides revenue loss, such incident will also bring down the reputation of the business. Negligence in food processing and packaging is considered as serious crime. It is crucial to adopt an integrated pest management (IPM) to maintain the standards of quality and hygiene.

Impact Of Pests On Food Business

Food processing takes a long chain of activities such as washing the raw ingredients, chopping, mixing, cooking, emulsifying, drying, packaging, and storing. There is a need of extensive care for the machine used in a food processing plant. The presence of pests and insects in the surrounding of food processing plant can cause a huge financial loss to the business. Common pests that can cause damage to food include rat & rodents, cockroach, mosquitoes, ants, termites, beetles, and other bugs. Top issues created by pests in food business are:

  • Contamination to food products
  • Lost sales after losing customer trust
  • Financial loss on recovery and replace process
  • Prosecution by regulatory authorities
  • Closure of business for not following food safety protocols

If a food processing unit shows any sign of pest infestation, the business owner must hire the professional pest control service. PestVeda, the top pest control service provider delivers integrated pest management for food industry.

Top Benefits Of Effective Pest Management

Food and beverage businesses have mandatory rules for food safety in law. They must ensure the products supplied to the consumers are safe. That is why they must implement pest management to cut down the risk of pest infestation in the processing and packaging units. Some of the key benefits of having an effective pest management are:

  • Quality assurance in food process
  • Ensuring effective food safety
  • Standard support in manufacturing plant
  • Reducing risks of food contamination
  • Enhancing brand reputation among the competitors

A clean and hygienic place is necessary for setting up a food processing plant. In order to maintain the area pest-free, the owner must adopt preventive measures. PestVeda provides an exclusive solution to reduce pest infestation and maintain a safer work place in food sector. Well experienced exterminators use customized pest control treatment to identify the vulnerable areas, breeding grounds, and entry points found in the proximity. With recently released equipment and technologies, they seek and destroy the harmful pests in food production plants, food storage room, retails, and eateries.

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