PestVedaPurpose of a warehouse is to store a variety of inventory products. It might stock a range of goods such as food, clothing, electronics, and furniture, among others. It is the hub of almost everything that we use on daily basis. Most of the warehouses are guarded by layers of strong walls to protect them against natural disaster and human threats.

Warehouses face threats from destructive pests and bugs that can bring down the whole business. These unwanted crawlers wreak havoc on goods stored in the warehouse. Pest infestation is inevitable if the managers don’t adopt a proper integrated pest management (IPM).

Pest Contamination Issues In Warehouse

Although most warehouse owners are aware of pest threats, they couldn’t avoid seasonal infestations if they don’t adopt effective pest control. Creepy creatures such as the beetle, moth, cockroach, termite, silverfish, ant, bedbug, and rat are some of the common pests that frequently visit the warehouses. They travel from one point to another by trespassing warehousing and logistics properties. Common factors of pest contamination in warehouses are. :

  • Hitch a ride – They sneak into clothes, shoes or luggage without any notice. Once they reached their destination, the pests would start creating a breeding ground.
  • Damaged vent screen – Pests like cockroaches and rodents can enter the storeroom and damage the property by chewing things and leaving their droppings.
  • Seasonal weather – There are pests that are active in the specific seasons. For example, mosquitoes breed eggs on rainy days.
  • Cracked wall and ceiling – Termites and ants love to crawl into the gaps on the wall. They hide from humans during daytime and sneak out at night.
  • Lose packaging of stocks – When a product item is not properly packed, its smell can attract pests.

Effective Pest Management A Must For Warehouse

Warehouse owners can save their properties by adopting customized pest solution to reduce the pest infestations. PestVeda is experienced in pest treatment for warehouses and logistics. The company has highly trained pest specialists who can detect the breeding grounds using approved techniques. They provide effective pest solution and preventive measures to stop re-infestation in the future. Another remarkable thing about these exterminators is they give a quick response to emergency calls. Whenever warehouse keepers found out the presence of pests in the surrounding, they can book the pest control service at their convenience.

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