Termites are gluttons that feed on your property. These winged insects would enjoy their meal while you are busy with daily chores or away from your home. When you try to lie on your bank and relax, these abominable clutters would show up on your premises constantly. They chew all kinds of wooden objects, including furniture, door, window, floorboard, ceiling, and even concrete cement foundations. While the termites are doing their normal tasks and breeding their young ones on your property, you can’t do anything but watch them with a cringe. You may try to flick a few of them using fly swatter, but such practice won’t work on a termite colony. So let’s discuss how to eradicate termites using simple tips.

Feasible Approach to Remove Termites

Since termites are tough creatures, removing them can be an uphill task. First, you have to search for any possible symptoms of infestation such as mud tubes, hollow sounding woods, and termite frass. If you spot any sign that indicates the presence of termites, you can try the following methods.

Carbon Trap

Soak a cardboard with water and place it near where you spot termites. When they start feeding off the cardboard, you can take it out in a safe area and burn it.

Beneficial Nematodes

Beneficial nematodes are natural parasites to termites. They will burrow into termites and take a nibble on their live bodies until dead.

Boric Acid

Boric acid is one of the most effective treatments for termite infestation. The chemical dehydrates the insects and shuts down their nervous system. You can coat or spray wood (termite’s favorite feed) with boric acid.

Termite Bait

Termite baits are easily available in the market. Place the bait near the infested areas or their trail. It can also be used as a preventive measure to detect the presence of these gluttons.


A natural way to kill termites is exposing them to sunlight. Place infested furniture in the sunlight for hours. The whole termite colony will die under the sun.

Professional Termite Control is The Best Solution

A termite colony damage and consume a whole house in a short period of time. You may try to eradicate a termite trail using insect repellent spray. However, this method is not suitable when it come to destroying a huge breeding ground in and around your proximity. You will need a reliable pest control service to fix the problem. For this, PestVeda, a certified company is a one-stop solution for termite control solution and floor maintenance services. It has an advanced facility with a team of experts for delivering the best termite solution. The well-trained professionals guarantee 100% work satisfaction to their clients. So, if you spot any sign of termite or want to remove its colony, don’t delay to call the termite experts.

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