Ants are the common creatures you found in most places you visit on daily basis. Be it your bedroom floor, kitchen tiles, book rack, cracked wall, picnic basket or working desk, you may spot ants marching in lines. They would crawl up on your dining plate if you leave it for few minutes untouched. They look cute and harmless but they are too annoying that you can’t just ignore their presence even in the far corner of your room. Sometimes when you think you are alone in your space, these uninvited creatures would show up from nowhere. Ants are… EVERYWHERE!

Ant facts that will change what you used to believe

Although you have usual dates (not so romantic ones) with these social little creatures, you don’t know how they came into existence on this planet and why they bring so much trouble to your life. Let’s find out more about ants in the section below.

Older than grandmas

Ants are believed to have been around for millions of years. Researchers discovered that ants have survived catastrophic incidents such as cretaceous–paleogene extinction event and the ice age.

Super strong

Ants are strong insects. Very strong! They can carry heavy object 50 times their own body weight! They would lift bulky food and rations and they cover miles.

Ants and more ants

Can you imagine the number of ants that have colonized the entire planet? Ant population is H-U-G-E.  It is estimated that the number of ants in existence is 1 million ants for every one human in the world. They can be found on every single continent except Antarctica

Diverse tribes

There are more than known 12,000 species of ant in the world.


Despite their tiny size and appearance, ants can be destructive too. Carpenter ants can cause huge damage to property, while a large ant colony can disrupt plants and soil.


Argentine ants can adopt any type of environment and start their colony anywhere. Believe it or not, other species of ants have already conquered human’s social places.

Fast Runners

Ants of different species can run at different speeds. Fire ants can run as fast as 30 miles per hour.

Need for ant control service to avoid ant invasions

Ants can be vicious for human beings. They can create a catastrophe to the human environment. They sneak into your home and feed on every food found in the house. This is why eliminating ants is imperative for human society. To remove such harmful ants, PestVeda utilizes latest equipment and techniques to render effective ant control service. The top service provider has a troop of pest experts who can carry out ant removal activities using extensive solutions. When you need ant control service in emergency, you can call the experts at your convenience. They will examine the hotspot breeding grounds and implement the most suitable method to eliminate ants from your premises. Their services are popular for efficiency and long lasting.

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