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Termites are one of the most destructive pests, that can cause a severe damage to a large extent to your valuable furniture and important documents. The worst thing with the termites is that they work insidiously and damage your valuable assets like furniture, woodworks and paper documents irreversibly. They cause damage to the properties to a great extent and also threat living trees and shrubs. Eliminating termites from home requires special skills because many of the infested points are hidden and difficult to access.

How we work?

We apply the best termite eradication chemicals to eliminate the infestation and prevent the re-infestation for a long period of time. We target straight to their nest to exterminate from their roots. We create a chemical barrier to kill termites.

 Termite Control Spray
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  • The termites are completely killed, unlike other pest control services who only repel them
  • The threat of the re-infestation is reduced to a great extent
  • No infestation for six months guaranteed
  • Enhanced life of furnitures and wood works

Environment Friendly Pesticides To Prevent Any Adverse Impact On The Nature


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