Termites are a great nuisance for the humans and cause serious damage to your valuable belongings. They live in narrow holes and crevices and are really hard to spot. The significant loss made by the termites makes it inevitable to get reliable termite control services. For most of the people, termites may be frightening, but termites are really interesting.

10 Interesting Facts You May Not Know About The Termites.

  • Termites live in the hidden places & hard to spot:

Termites live in the narrow holes, crack, and crevices and you cannot see them while they are doing damage to your valuable furniture, books, and other valuable assets.

  • They left to sign when your home is infected:

Where you cannot spot termites crawling in your home, but you can find a winged termite, which indicates that you have an infestation somewhere. Tiny tubes of the earth extending over the foundation walls are also a sign that there is a termite infestation in your home. Flying termites is a clear indication, that you need a reliable pest control service for termite eradication from your home.

  • Termites digest cellulose with the help of micro-organisms:

Termites may eat wood and paper, but, cellulose is what termites are really after. Wood is made of the cellulose, which is the favorite food for the termites found in the wood. They receive nutrition with the help of symbiotic micro-organisms living in their digestive tract.

  • Most termites are blind:

Soldier termites are blind and don’t need to see in the dark. They can work in the absence of the light. The only termites with the eyesight are reproductive termites, who need to find their mates for breeding.

  • Some termites can fly:

The queen and king termites fly in search of their mate for breeding. They use their wings to leave the colony and find a new home. Once they find their mate, they broke off their wings and settle down to increase their population.

  • Termites eat feces:

This is an awful but true fact about the termites that they eat each other’s poop. This is because termites cannot digest cellulose from the wood without the help of intestinal micro-organisms. Before eating food, they need to eat feces of the other termites to endow their intestine with the required bacteria and protozoa.

  • Termites are good when they are far from your home:

Termites may annoy you to the core in your home, but outdoors, they help in maintaining balance in nature. They decompose fallen trees in the forest and make soil aerated and enrich the soil with the nitrogen. They decompose waste and benefit the surrounding fauna.

  • Termites warn each other of impending danger:

When termites detect a threat, they start banging the walls of their tubes to warn other soldier termites of the impending threat.

  • Termites take time for cleaning:

Termites take time to clean themselves and other termites because it is important for their survival. If they don’t make efforts to stay clean, they would become susceptible to injurious bacteria and parasites.

  • Termites make mounds or nests

Termites make nests or mounds at their residing colonies using digested wood, soil, mud, & feces. Sometimes, these nests can be humongous. The largest nest found till date is about 42 feet tall.

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